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This privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Privacy Policy”) describes how Monkey Bread Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “we”, “our” , “us” or the "Company") handles any and all personal information. This Privacy Policy applies to all of the customers’ personal information collected through the Company’s services (hereinafter referred to as the "Services") provided on the site of the domain https://katalok.ooo/ operated by the Company , or of any sub-domain of the same. Please read this Privacy Policy to confirm our policy before you use the Services. For clarity, the terms used herein are defined in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter referred to as the "Personal Information Protection Act") and its related laws and regulations.

1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We comply with the Personal Information Protection Act under Japanese laws and its related government ordinances, regulations, guidelines, etc. in handling the customers' personal information.

2. Collection of Customers’ Personal Information

We collect your personal information by means legally appropriate and fair.

3. Purposes of Use of Information We Collect

(1) We use the personal information we collect from customers within the scope of any of the purposes specified below:
a. To Facilitate Use of the Services by the Customers
We use your name, address, telephone number, and other personal information to provide the customers with the Services.
b. To Confirm the Identity of the Customers
   We use the e-mail address, ID, password, and other personal information registered or provided by yourself to verify your identity.
c. To Provide Advertising and Other Information regarding the Services
   We may use your personal information such as your gender, age, past usage history, past browsing history, and survey results to display advertisements on your internet pages, send direct mails to you, and/or conduct other advertising and promotional activities that we believe will meet your preferences and interests.
d. To Undergo Research and Development and/or Marketing
   We may use the processed personal information based upon the gender, age, past usage history, past browsing history, survey results, etc., after deleting the information such as the name, address and telephone number and any other information to preclude the possibility to identify the specific individuals, to conduct research and development activities to improve the Company services, and/or our other business operations, as well as to conduct and improve the Company's marketing activities.
e. To Provide the Tag Services
Whenever the DEPAAAT tag services (meaning the Services utilizing DEPAAAT tags to induce the visitors to the product sales pages) are used, we use the personal information such as the information to identify the web site accessed by the visitors among the DEPAAAT tag sites, the information on the exact time clicked by the applicable customer on the applicable site, the information required for such site to identify the customers, and/or information on the purchase amounts of the purchase order made by the customer through the applicable site, in conjunction with other pieces of information, to settle the payment of any handling charges to the applicable DEPAAAT tag operators and/or confirmation of the amount to be paid to the same.
f. To Provide Other Ancillary Services
   We may use your personal information such as your name, address, and telephone number to conduct various surveys, and/or to provide you with other ancillary services.
g. To Prevent and Deal with Unauthorized Use and Violations, etc.
   We may use your name, address, telephone number, past usage history, past browsing history, and other information to prevent and deal with any unfair practice regarding the transaction with the Company, and/or violation of the applicable laws and regulations and/or agreements with the Company.
h. To Share with Third Parties
We may provide third parties with the statistical data based upon the personal information such as the names, addresses, telephone numbers, past usage data, past browsing data, which have been processed to preclude the possibility to identify the specific individuals/organizations, to be used for the services provided by us or any related services provided by third-parties, for the access analysis, market analysis, marketing, enhancement/development of the Company services, and for behavioral targeting advertising.

(2) We will not use your personal information beyond the scope of the purposes of
use set forth in the preceding clause without your prior approval.

4. Management of Personal Information

(1) We take appropriate measures to sustain secure management of personal information and to protect personal information from unauthorized disclosure, unauthorized alterations, and/or other unauthorized accesses.
(2) We will set forth the appropriate retention period for personal information required for the purposes of use, and will promptly erase the applicable personal information when its retention period expires, except for any of the following cases:
a. When required by law
b. When retention after the expiry of the retention period is approved by
c. When the personal information is retained by a telecommunications operator/provider to the extent required to maintain its operations, and there is a substantial reason not to erase the applicable personal information.
d. When there is any other special reason not to erase the applicable personal information.

5. Use of Cookies

We use cookies to analyze your browsing information and to provide you with services, information, advertisements, etc. that are suitable for you.
Please refer to our Cookie Policy for further details.

6. Use of Access Logs

We record your access information in the form of access logs. Access logs include information such as the IP address, host name, browser/OS information, application operation history, access date and time, etc. of the individual who has accessed this site. We may use these access logs for maintenance and management as well as for the analysis of past usage status of the Company site and our other services.

7. Outsourcing of Personal Information

In order to facilitate our business and to provide better service to our customers, we may subcontract all or part of the handling operations of your personal information to a third party, provided that the personal information to be entrusted to such third party shall be limited to the minimum necessary to perform the entrusted operations. We will duly supervise such third-party subcontractor to ensure that the entrusted personal information is managed securely.

8. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

(1) Whenever you use the Services, we provide the Shops (meaning those who sell products to you through the Services) with such information which is necessary for such Shops to execute and implement sale and purchase agreements with you.
(2) In addition to such information mentioned in the preceding paragraph, Whenever you use the DEPAAAT services (meaning those web services we provide on any of the sites in the domain https://depaa.at/ or any sub-domain of the same), we also provide the Shops and Stores (meaning those who transmit information and/or promote sales for the products of the Shops, and/or act as an agent for such sales through the Services) with information necessary for the Stores to act as a sales intermediary and/or for the Shops to pay the handling charges to the Stores.
(3) Any and all information we provide to Shops and Stores will be stored and controlled by the applicable Shops and Stores, and such information
may be used by the Shops and Stores to perform their contractual obligations, to respond to the customers’ inquiries after purchase, to perform after-sales services, to provide the customers with the information through the mail magazines, etc., to improve the Shops’ business or their products through the analysis of the customers’ purchase history/use history, to develop new products/services, and/or to confirm and remit the sales agent commissions.
(4) To avoid any misunderstanding, as for any information provided directly by you to the Shops and/or Stores, not this privacy policy, but those privacy policies set forth by the applicable Shops and/or Stores are applicable.

(5) Other than those set forth above, we will not provide personal information to any third party (except for the above-mentioned third party subcontractors) without prior approval of the customer himself/herself, except for the following:
a. When required by law
b. When such disclosure is necessary to protect a person’s life, physical body, or property, while it is difficult to obtain the customer's approval.
c. When such disclosure is a pressing necessity to improve public health or to promote the sound growth of children, while it is difficult to obtain the customer's approval.
d. When such disclosure is necessary to cooperate with a national administrative body, a local government, or any individual or entity entrusted by them, to execute what is set out by law, while acquisition of the customer’s prior approval may impede such executions.
e. When personal information is transferred, in conjunction with succession of a particular business such as a merger.

9. Various Requests regarding Personal Information

(1) When and if we receive a request from you to disclose, revise or suspend use of your personal information held by us, we will duly respond to such request when and if we have confirmed that the request is made by yourself or your authorized representative.
(2) For any request described in the preceding clause and any other inquiries or communications regarding our handling of personal information, please contact us at the following, by using the CONTACT screen display on this website(click the “Contact Us” button) and the Company staff in charge will contact you promptly via e-mail or other means:
Our contact: the Company’s administration department
email address: info@monkeybread.co.jp
telephone number: 03-6869-5509
facsimile number: 03-6736-0452

10. Revisions to this Privacy Policy

The Company may duly review and revise this Privacy Policy from time to time whenever required, due to reasons including but not limited to the amendments of applicable laws and regulations. In such cases, the revised Privacy Policy will apply to you from the date the revised version is displayed on this website.

Hiromi Midorikawa
President and CEO
Monkey Bread Inc.
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Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Revised on April 1st, 2022
Revised on November 30th, 2022